After we settled the date, time and contact details for the appointment, I will phone or skype you at the specific date. First we define, the topic or questions you have. Than I will get silent to connect with you and will talk to you in my ability as reflector and channel of your being. Afterwards you can ask questions to specify necessary details for you. A session is 60 minutes.

Everything you need to know about the work itself that happens during the session you will find at the page ABOUT.

You can book your session at the page CONTACT.

NOTE: Please make sure that you turned of other devices and that you are ready to have the session right away. Please be on time. If you can’t keep the appointment, tell me as soon as possible, and you get a refund. If you have to cancel your session less than 12 hours or if I can’t reach you within 15 minutes at the specific date, your session expired and you will have to fix a new appointment. In this case you will not get a refund.

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