I am a reflector and channel. I can tune into your unrevealed truth and into the subconscious truth of groups. As I tune into the depth, I show you why you are here and what is your special gift for the world. As we discover together your path, you will come in touch with your personal task in the human story of healing.

I invite you to live your authentic true being!

Discovering that I am a reflector (Human Design System) in my early 20ies, I finally got an answer to what I know, feel and see when I connect with a person or a group. As reflector you are an empty vessel and every person, group or situation that you come in touch with is coming into your awareness as it would be your own life, feeling or situation. Knowing this, a reflector can offer you a true mirror, reflecting not only the obvious but all subconscious aspects, underlying elements and patterns. As well a reflector can feel when a person has his or her true position in a group and in life itself.
As I grew older and got used to my ability, I made several formations to dive deeper and understand better the unvisible truth and the net of life. I learned schamanic technics, body work technics, field conscessiousness technics, meditation and mind technics and had a profound 20 years journey and formation in (family) constellation technics. In the end all the formations showed me, what I already knew – that there is a connection that is far beyond our understanding but yet forming ourselves and guiding or lives.

My nowadays spirituell teacher Michael Barnett found my energetic name for me: Devala. The queen of the forrests. For me a perfect name of what I am – a Soul that is feeling and guiding through the subconscious “forrests”, knowing and teaching the connection beyond the obvious, working with the unique and deep dynamics of groups and systems.

I will be honoured to talk about YOUR TRUTH and that what you bring with you to make a difference in the world and in the life of others.

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